Dubai residency visas: types of long-term residency

visa de résidence à dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a popular destination for those seeking greater opportunities and a better quality of life. Whether you’re planning to relocate for work, investment or entrepreneurship, the UAE offers several residence visa options for foreigners. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways of obtaining a residence visa in the UAE, focusing on the entrepreneur visa for associates after setting up a company.

Work visa for an employee in Dubai

One of the most common ways of obtaining a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates is as an employee of a company in Dubai. If you get a job offer from a UAE-based company, your employer will be your sponsor for the residence visa. The company will also be responsible for all the costs involved in obtaining the visa. The process involves obtaining a letter of offer, a work contract and then applying for the visa. The work visa is generally issued for a period of 2 years, and can be renewed as long as you keep your job.

Residence visa for family members

If you have a close family member residing in the United Arab Emirates, you may be eligible for a family visa. This visa allows spouses, children and dependent parents to reside in the UAE. To apply for a family visa, your sponsoring family member must meet certain income and accommodation requirements. The family visa is renewable for as long as the sponsor’s visa is active. This type of Emirati residency visa is an attractive option for those wishing to live in the United Arab Emirates as a family.

Golden visa in Dubai

The Golden Visa in Dubai offers investors an exceptional opportunity to obtain a residence visa by purchasing real estate. For property purchases worth over AED 750,000, investors can benefit from a two-year renewable residency visa for as long as the property remains in your possession. For property investments worth over AED 2 million, the residence visa is extended to ten years. This incentive program aims to attract more foreign investment and stimulate Dubai’s real estate market, while offering beneficiaries the opportunity to reside legally in the country and enjoy its benefits.

Company formation and visa for partners in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates welcomes foreign investors wishing to contribute to the growth of the national economy by opening one or more companies in Dubai.

What is the associate visa?

The Entrepreneur visa is a unique and attractive option for people wishing to set up a business in the UAE. This visa is specifically designed for partners and shareholders of a company incorporated in the UAE. It enables entrepreneurs to actively manage and run their business while benefiting from UAE residency.

How do I obtain this type of visa?

To obtain an entrepreneur visa, the first step is to set up a company in the United Arab Emirates. This involves choosing the appropriate legal structure, obtaining the necessary licenses and fulfilling other requirements imposed by the Emirati government. Using the services of a reputable law firm or consulting firm can greatly facilitate the process of setting up a company.

Eligibility criteria

Associate residency in Dubai is accessible simply by setting up a company. With the creation of a company in Dubai, you have the possibility of obtaining a residency visa as a partner, allowing you to actively manage and run your business. This residency visa is a unique opportunity offered to partners and shareholders of companies registered in Dubai.

Advantages of this residence visa

The associate visa offers many advantages, making it an attractive option for people wishing to do business in the United Arab Emirates:

  1. Total control of the company: As a partner, you have total control over your company’s operations and decisions.
  2. Permit of Residence: The Associate Visa allows you and your family to reside legally in the United Arab Emirates, giving you access to world-class health services, education and a quality lifestyle.
  3. Tax advantages: The United Arab Emirates does not levy taxes on personal income, which can be very advantageous for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their earnings.
  4. Global connectivity: The UAE’s strategic location gives entrepreneurs easy access to regional and international markets.

In conclusion, the UAE offers various options for obtaining a residency visa, catering for different needs. For those wishing to set up a business in the UAE, the entrepreneur visa stands out as a remarkable opportunity, offering entrepreneurs the freedom to develop their business while benefiting from UAE residency. Whether you’re an investor, employee or entrepreneur, the UAE’s flexible visa policies make it an attractive destination for those seeking new horizons and promising prospects.

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