Legal Services

Business law and international contracts

As a business law firm, we are first and foremost legal professionals whose primary mission is to provide legal advice to our clients, particularly business leaders, in the conduct of transnational operations and in the context of commercial partnerships.

Corporate Governance

Corporate law is a branch of business law. It is particularly aimed at individual entrepreneurs and all types of companies, regardless of their size.

As lawyers specialized in business and corporate law, our role is to advise and represent you in all the steps and phases of the company’s life, from its creation to its termination or transfer.

Labour law

Labor law is a branch of social law and is the set of legal norms that govern the relationship between an employer and an employee.

The lack of knowledge of local law on the part of foreign companies established in the United Arab Emirates can be a source of error and thus open the way to litigation and disputes.


We have a consolidated experience and in-depth knowledge of the federal laws in force in the United Arab Emirates regarding the inheritance of non-Muslims, as well as the inheritance law in France and Italy and the European regulations.

Asset protection

All about asset protection.