All about residency in Dubai

The different types of residency visas

To become a resident in the Emirates, there are several possibilities:
– Investor Visa: for partners of a company or who own real estate
– Employment visa: for employees of a company
– Dependent visa: for families (husband/wife/children/etc.)
– Student visa: for students
– Remote Work Visa: for employees seconded to the UAE
– Golden visa: for people with talent
– Retirement visa: for people over 55 years old

Taxes applicable to individuals

All taxes in the UAE for an individual: income tax, wealth tax, inheritance tax, social security tax in the UAE.
The Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)

Personal bank accounts and cards

Opening a personal bank account is possible in Dubai. You will then get a bank card.


Everything you need to know about health, car, home and travel insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All about residency in the Emirates.