Simplify your residence visa application in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai offers unrivalled opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals wishing to establish themselves in the United Arab Emirates. Its thriving economy, modern infrastructure and exceptional quality of life attract the ambitious. However, to live and work legally in Dubai, obtaining a Dubai visa is essential.

At Merritt Middle East, we understand the challenges and complexities of obtaining a Dubai residency visa. That’s why we offer a comprehensive solution to facilitate this process. As specialists in setting up companies in Dubai, we also offer residency visa services for you, your family and your employees. Rely on our expertise to bring your plans to life in Dubai.

First step to obtaining a residence visa in Dubai: setting up a company

To apply for a residence visa in Dubai, setting up a company is an essential step. By establishing your company in this dynamic city of the United Arab Emirates, you give yourself access to exceptional business and professional opportunities, as well as a residence permit.

To simplify this process, our firm, which specializes in setting up a company in Dubai, is at your side. Our in-depth expertise in local regulations and administrative procedures guarantees hassle-free company formation. We can help you choose the most appropriate legal structure, prepare the necessary documents and register your company with the relevant authorities. The United Arab Emirates offer three types of registration: Free Zones, DED and Offshore.

Having been present on the UAE market since 2009, we are committed to providing a professional and efficient service to help you set up a company in Dubai and obtain your residence visa.

Just a few steps to obtain your visa and become a resident

If you want to live and do business legally in the United Arab Emirates, it’s crucial to obtain a Dubai residency visa. Understanding the application process and immigration requirements for this visa is essential to facilitate your move to the city.

Once you’ve set up your business, you can begin the process of obtaining a residency visa. Your company will act as sponsor for this visa.

Once you’ve submitted your residence visa application to the relevant authorities, it will usually take around three weeks to receive the entry permit and continue the process. Thereafter, you will need to undergo a medical examination and provide your fingerprints in order to obtain and receive your Emirates ID.

Merritt offers a complete range of services at very competitive rates to help you obtain your Dubai visa.

Company formation and visa application for Dubai at competitive prices

Merritt Middle East offers personalized support at competitive rates for setting up a company and applying for a residence visa in Dubai.

The firm sets itself apart by offering unique, affordable rates, while providing first-rate professional assistance. When you choose Merritt Middle East, you benefit from the expertise of an experienced team.

The rates offered by Merritt Middle East for residency in Dubai are transparent, with no hidden charges, and guarantee superior service. You can visit their website for precise details of rates for residency and visa in Dubai.


Are you looking for quality, affordable assistance in setting up a company and applying for a residence visa in Dubai? Look no further than Merritt Middle East. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and competitive rates, and bring your Dubai project to fruition with confidence. For more information, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on +971 4 422 1345.