New type of residence visa in Dubai: Golden Visa, Green Visa, entry permit, freelancer visa, etc.

nouveaux programmes de visas 2022

Visa changes came into effect on Monday, October 3, 2022. We explain it all to you!

Whether you are an Emirati, an expatriate or a visitor to the UAE, you will be able to benefit from these new schemes and simplified procedures.

Among these new features is the launch of the third generation of the Emirati passport recently announced by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP). This new passport features unprecedented technical specifications and a highly complex security system with the sole aim of reducing attempts to counterfeit or falsify it.

These changes include all new types of residence visas and new multiple entry permits, and simplify the options already in place.
Let’s take a closer look at the changes.

Visit visas

Visitor visas are available for single or multiple entries. They can be easily renewed for a similar duration. They now allow a stay of 60 days, compared to 30 previously.

For people jobseekers, the job exploration visa has been introduced. This visa can be obtained without a sponsor or host. Only those classified in the first, second or third level of competence according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and young graduates of the 500 best universities in the world will be eligible for this new type of visa.

Finally, it is now possible for a visitor who is a relative or friend of a citizen or resident of the UAE to apply for an entry permit for Dubai and the UAE. For this type of permit, it is not necessary to have a sponsor or a host.


The multiple entry visa

The multi-entry tourist visa is valid for five years. It allows the holder to stay in the United Arab Emirates for up to 90 continuous days and these 90 days can be extended for another 90 days. Please note that the total duration of stay in the UAE must not exceed 180 days in a full year.

The condition for obtaining this visa is simple, you just need to present the proof of a bank balance of a minimum amount of USD 4,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency (over the last six months). For this type of visa, you won’t need a sponsor or host.


Sponsor your family

In the past, it was only possible to sponsor sons up to the age of 18, now it is possible to sponsor them up to the age of 25. As for girls, it is possible for parents to sponsor them without age limit as long as they are not married. Also, children of determination can be sponsored by their parents without age limit.

Note that Green Visa holders can also sponsor their first degree relatives (children and parents).


What’s new in the Golden Visa program?

Who is eligible for the Golden Visa?


The Golden Visa program has been expanded to allow a wider public to benefit from it. As a reminder, this type of visa has a 10-year renewable term. The categories concerned are the following:
  • Scientists: Scientists and researchers who are influential in their field are eligible for this type of visa, but they must have obtained the recommendation of the Emirates Council of Scientists beforehand. In addition, the applicant must hold a PhD or Master’s degree in the disciplines of engineering, technology, life sciences or natural sciences from the world’s leading universities, as well as significant research achievements.
  • Professionals: the visa has been expanded to this category to attract highly skilled workers from the following fields: medicine, science and engineering, information technology, business and administration, education, law, culture and social sciences.
  • Outstanding Talent: In this category, talent is the only eligibility criterion regardless of education, employment status, monthly salary or professional level. In order to obtain the Golden Visa without this category, the recommendation of a federal or local government entity is absolutely necessary. The areas covered are culture, art, sports, digital technology, inventors and innovators in other vital areas.
  • Outstanding students and graduates: only for the highest performing students of the UAE high schools and outstanding graduates of the UAE universities. But not only that, students from the top 1,000 universities in the world are also included.
  • Humanitarian Pioneers: This category includes members of international and regional organizations, public utility associations, humanitarian laureates and volunteers.
  • Frontline heroes: we are talking about workers who put all their efforts in the service of the nation, we include in this category the health care personnel who gave their best during the pandemic of COVID-19.
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up owners: the requirements are much more flexible for obtaining a visa for these categories of people.

The advantages of the Golden Visa


  • Firstly, Golden Visa holders can sponsor their children without age limit and there is no limit to the number of domestic staff.
  • Secondly, if the Golden Visa holder stays outside the UAE for more than 6 months, his/her visa will not be cancelled.
  • Finally, if the Golden Visa holder dies, all family members who depend on him/her will be able to stay in the UAE until their visa expire.

Green Visa

The Green Visa program offers a 5-year residency and concerns several categories of people, namely:
  • Green Visa for self-employed or freelancers: the applicant must obtain a permit from the MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization). The second condition is the annual turnover of the two years preceding the application, the amount must be at least AED 360,000.
  • Green Visa for qualified employees: they must have in their possession a valid employment contract and a monthly salary of at least AED 15,000.
  • Green Visa for partners and investors: no sponsor is required to obtain the visa, and this type is more suitable for investors or partners of an agency or company.

Grace period after visa cancellation or expiration


In the past, after the cancellation or expiration of a residency visa, expatriates were given a period of 30 days to leave the UAE or find a new job offering a residency visa.
The new program provides for a much longer and more flexible period of up to 6 months after the cancellation or expiration of the residence visa. Clarifications are awaited on this point.

How can Merritt Middle East assist you?


If you are eligible for any of the above categories and wish to obtain your Green Visa or any other type of visa, our team of professionals can assist you and take care of all the procedures for you.

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