Golden Visa and mainland work contract in Dubai

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I am a Golden Visa holder and I have just been hired in a company registered in mainland Dubai. What are the obligations of my employer regarding my employment contract? What about my severance pay?

A company registered in Dubai Mainland can hire a Golden Visa holder. Golden Visa holders are allowed to work and reside in the UAE without the need for a local sponsor, which facilitates their employability in the country. A company wishing to hire staff must comply with UAE government laws and regulations regarding hiring, work visas and residence permits for foreign workers.

If a company wishes to hire a Golden Visa holder, it will need to apply for a Golden Visa holder permit from the Ministry (MoHRE).

The employer’s obligations to the employee holding the Golden Visa are the same as those of an employee holding a regular work permit. These obligations are listed in Article 13 and Article 16 of the Employment Law.

As far as end-of-contract indemnities are concerned, the calculation of the gratuity is the same as for holders of a classic work permit.

There are two major differences from the “classic” employment contract

  • The Golden Visa holder will not lose his or her residence visa in case of termination of the employment contract;
  • Also, Golden Visa holders can receive a new work permit from another employer without risking a one-year employment ban in case of termination without good reason.
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