Why open a Free-Zone company in Dubai?

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  • Why open a Free-Zone company in Dubai?
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There are many reasons to create your free-zone company in Dubai:

The United Arab Emirates have a very attractive economy!
Creating your company in one of the most economically attractive countries in the world has many advantages: unlike other countries, stability is a must. If you choose Dubai for the launch of your company, you will be sure to benefit from a dense network of tax treaties.

Creating your company in Dubai offers many advantages to its manager!
Once your company is created, you will benefit for you, your family and your employees from a work visa that you only have to renew every 3 years. You will also have the assurance of benefiting from the numerous tax advantages of the country: no tax to pay, but also the possibility of buying and selling to companies established in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, registration is easy, fast and does not require the intervention of a local partner. You can use a recruitment agency to hire your future employees. Like other French companies in the Persian Gulf, take advantage of the opportunities available to you!

Working in Dubai also means living there all year round!
The quality of life is excellent in this Muslim country and the many French people in the Emirates appreciate the optimal weather conditions all year round and the excellent school system. It is easy to travel all over the world from the UAE, and the real estate market is competitive, despite a sometimes high cost of living. Numerous districts such as the Marina, the Palm or the area near the Burj Khalifa (the highest tower in the world), will offer you their assets: business district, huge shopping malls, proximity to the sea with its fine sandy beaches, possibilities of excurtions in the Middle East desert.

Very safe, the country offers especially, to the expatriates, tax advantages: no tax on the income, the fortune and the heritage and no social charges.

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