Driver’s license in Dubai

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Getting a driving license in Dubai is relatively easy for some nationalities. It is not a question of taking a new driving test but of exchanging your driving license since some countries are among those whose driving licenses are recognized by the Emirates. Thus, there is no need to take a driving test: you will however have to check that your driving license is valid enough for your stay in Dubai, a positive balance of points being a mandatory prerequisite.

Those who do not have or no longer have their driving license can choose to take their license in Dubai: they will then obtain a new driving license issued by the Emirates, this license will allow them to circulate freely on the territory at the wheel of a car.

In Dubai, the traffic rules are not very different from those in force in Western Europe, so you will not feel out of place as a French driver. Obtaining a driving license in Dubai, whether by exchanging a valid French license or by obtaining a new one, will be made easier by the work of your correspondent who will take care of the administrative procedures for you. This service is offered as part of packages that aim to simplify all your administrative procedures, obtaining your driving license in Dubai but also your work and residence visa for you and your family. Contact us for more information.

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