Do you guarantee the opening of the bank account?

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The opening of a bank account for a Free-Zone company is a decision made solely by the bank. We cannot be held responsible for a bank account that is not opened. Consequently, our package includes an obligation of means and not of result since we cannot guarantee an element which does not depend on us but on a third party (the bank). This obligation of means consists in assisting you for the opening of your bank account BUT we are not authorized to replace you in this step nor to act in your name (if the bank asks you for additional information on your activity for example, we cannot answer in your place because the regulation prohibits it). Following the meetings for the opening of the account, the banks usually communicate directly with the client without going through us because of the banking secrecy. We are therefore not always aware of the progress of a request to open an account or if there are missing elements for the file.

We undertake to assist you free of charge in opening an account with a second bank if the first bank has not accepted to open your account or if the opening time is too long.

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