To benefit from the services and all the skills of our firm, we offer a unique package on the market including:

Services provided for one time Company Set Up Costs:
– Service Charge -> these are our fees (nothing to add all is included!)
– VAT and accountancy training -> we explain how VAT works and your company’s accounting obligations
– Salary Register -> establishment of the Employee Register
– Company stamp -> this is a stamp that complies with local regulations (required for opening a bank account, etc.)
– FREE assistance in opening a bank account -> we assist you in opening a bank account for your company
– FREE setup of invoicing and accounting application -> Installation and configuration of invoicing and accounting software

Services provided with Maintenance Costs per year:
– Service Charge -> our fee for renewing and monitoring your company
– UNLIMITED after-sale support concerning your company in the UAE -> we provide unlimited customer support to answer all your questions
– Coordination with Accountant -> we provide a coordination service with the accountant of your company
– Coordination with Auditor -> we provide a coordination service with the auditor of your company
– Coordination with Tax Agent -> we provide a coordination service with the tax agent in charge of the VAT of your company
– Subscription to Merritt Updates -> legal, fiscal and social watch on the Emirates sent by email
– UNLIMITED access to -> all administrative, legal and accounting documents of your company in a secure customer portal
– UNLIMITED access to -> all useful information for your company and your residence in the UAE
– Maintenance of UBO Register -> this involves maintaining and updating the Register of final beneficiaries as required by the Authorities
– Correspondence address in Dubai (including UNLIMITED scan and forward of your mails and courier) -> we scan / resend your mail as soon as it arrives according to your instructions
– FREE shared telephone number in the UAE (with answering in English and Arabic) -> shared telephone number with telephone secretary in English and Arabic
– FREE domain name + WordPress pre-installed + emails-> domain name + installation of a WordPress showcase site + email addresses on a server located in Dubai

Its cost is AED 5000 per year!

This allows you to benefit from our services (and our negotiated rates especially for accounting, VAT, auditing) and our legal watch (the importance of this watch is recent in the Emirates and is explained by the number of new laws and fines that go with it…).

We have calculated the rate of AED 5,000 per year (i.e. USD 113 per month) to offer the best value for money-services for our clients. It should be noted that the discounts negotiated with the accountant, the tax agent and the auditor already make it possible to save about AED 3,000 per year at least, thus making the added value of our package very interesting and especially unique on the market (we are indeed the only agent to have lawyers, accountants and specialists of Corporate Services within the same firm in Dubai).

To learn more and subscribe to our service, we invite you to contact us at