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2021: Amendments to European customs regulations

We remind you that the VAT rules within the European Union are changing as of 1/7/21. They concern online purchases and more generally electronic commerce between businesses and consumers outside the European Union. Some notions Prior to 7/1/2021, all goods imported into the EU valued at less than 22 Euros were exempt from VAT. But […]

What attracts expats to Dubai?

The Emirates have been seen as an Eldorado for decades. Every year, many expatriates leave their homeland for the peninsula. This phenomenon has only intensified since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the arrival in mass of individuals, in particular influencers and celebrities who have made the headlines of the newspapers and tabloids. The […]

Customs in the United Arab Emirates

Are you moving to the UAE to live and work? Are you packing your bags and wondering if you might have to pay import taxes and duties on some of the items you are packing? We can help you figure out what is authorized and what is not, and what is checked at customs on […]

3 days left to your UBO’s declaration and avoid heavy fines

Increase your company transparency. The UAE government issued Cabinet Resolution 58, replacing Cabinet Resolution 34 on 28 August 2020. This resolution aims to regulate Ultimate Beneficial Owner Procedures in order to increase corporate transparency of the UAE registered entities. The resolution requires all entities licenses in the UAE (unless exemptions apply) to prepare and fill […]

Business & Social Media

Are you operating legally with your business activity on your social media page? These past years, we have seen businesses multiply on social media. Mostly stay-at-home mothers selling cakes, clothes, hand-made crafts, beauty products, marketing services, etc. through their social media pages. Nowadays, selling these garments on social media pages like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and […]

Shopping & Tax Refund in the UAE

Shopping & Tax Refunds Dubai is a favorite destination for fashionistas and fashion buffs with its gigantic shopping malls, luxury and designer boutiques, and all its sales festivals like the Dubai Shopping Festival. Since the government of the United Arab Emirates implemented the VAT refund system for tourists, it has saved visitors millions of dirhams. […]

Which medicines are prohibited in Dubai?

Are you traveling to the United Arab Emirates for business or just to sip cocktails in the sun? Before you leave, make sure to take stock of the medicines (for personal use) that you are authorized to bring into the territory. If you are traveling to Dubai, be aware that there are restrictions on the […]


Before doing business with any company in the UAE, you should verify if the company actually exists and is dully registered. The question you need to keep in mind is: is this company legitimate? We have seen many people being fooled by scammers, and the last thing we want is for anyone to be a […]